Not Feeling It

I don’t know what’s up lately. I skim the blog feed and read a few but not all. I haven’t been reading too much. Just hanging out. I haven’t felt like writing much either. Nothing’s wrong at home. Daddy and I are good, comfortable. That worries me a little. Are we going to stop striving for more or is it just a good peaceful finally feel like we just ARE instead of trying to be?


12 thoughts on “Not Feeling It

  1. I was in a similar mood yesterday and today, but I think mine was due to other things. Feeling lonely, tired, wanting to read words but not feeling like it at the same time…
    Maybe it’s just phases we have to go through to learn something about ourselves? As you and Rita said: it’s nice to just be. And it isn’t necessary to struggle before feeling joy.
    Enjoy the quiet peace you feel. It’s a lovely feeling!

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