You Are

In the beginning I worried a lot that you would not be able to be my Dom. I’ve been reading my journal and I wrote about that concern quite a bit. I worried this was not your thing and never would be. You said, not related to D/s, that you never wanted to make me into something I wasn’t. That haunted me because I was afraid that was what I was trying to do to you. However the truth is neither of us could make the other do anything. We are both very strong willed even with each other. So as I had a storybook vision of what it meant to be a Dom I could not enforce that on you. You weren’t going to have it and it was unrealistic anyway. 

I may be the only one that needs this and that right there is your motivation. You are willing to try everything within your comfort zone to make me happy. You are finding ways to give me the structure and guidance that I desire in a way that suits you. You know me and even as I reveal more about myself you do not see it as me changing but as an unveiling.

When I asked you stepped forward. Not on my terms or at my pace. Not by any guide or website. You have eased us in and done things that fit us. The changes are slow but lasting. No it doesn’t look like the movies or the books. It looks like you and I interacting on a level I always wanted but couldn’t express. 

You ARE My Dom. There is no one who could do it better.


6 thoughts on “You Are

  1. This is an amazing way to look at your relationship. I have been around a certain corner of blogland for several years. I have actually met several couples, Dd D/s, TPE and I am here to tell you, no one lives a life like you read. We all have struggles. Making it ‘our own’ is the best way to live. Congrats to you for seeing that!


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