THE True Easter Candy


Jelly beans?? pfffttt  Reese’s Eggs are THE Easter candy. Sure now they have trees and hearts and pumpkins but originally it was the egg and you had to wait ALL YEAR to get them! They are so delicioso!!!!  That’s the extent of my Spanish people. That and cerveza.

Oh wow according to Urban Dictionary that’s also a term for oral sex. Naughty Dora! Knew I liked her. 

Anyway… I received an email from my sis that said Happy Easter How many Reese’s eggs have you eaten?  Dang she knows me pretty well.  I want to respond that I haven’t had any because Daddy said he didn’t like the way they looked and so he bought regular cups instead.  Rather odd that he did that cause he knows how much I like the eggs better. I didn’t balk though and accepted it. I wonder if I can ask why? I wonder if it was a test.

Anyway… I’d love to tell her “Daddy didn’t get me any” but she’d probably squig out with it being her brother and all . 😉


5 thoughts on “THE True Easter Candy

  1. I know this is something I struggle with and will probably struggle with for some time still, due to my history, but… can’ you buy yourself eggs if that’s really what you want? Why does he have to buy them?
    And I couldn’t wait on a man to buy me something I want any more. I never got what I really longed for!
    I hope you do get your eggs, even if I don’t care much for Reese’s anything 😉

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    • I can. I try not to because I don’t need them. lol He spoils me and will buy them. I am rather curious as to why not the eggs this time. Must be some motive there. I am content to follow his wishes. 🙂

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  2. I use to love Reese’s. Until I worked at a facility where just the dust of peanuts would send a resident into seizure and death. My adoration of them subsided. The eggs are the perfect match of peanut butter to chocolate ratio. I think I will buy some.

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