My submission is freely given.

It is not something he demands or fights for. I chose this to demonstrate my faith, love and trust in him. I believed this could take our relationship to another level. He has marveled in our connection and assured me that next level has been achieved.

I am his strong wife and I requested to kneel at his feet. He wants no one to believe he put me there. Now he speaks his mind freely and with confidence because I listen and do not belittle him.

His requests are few but they are important to him. Very little of our dynamic is scripted. We are who we are.

My submission is about love.


13 thoughts on “Meaning

  1. Oh, Tora. I love this ❤️. You described to a ‘tee’ what we evolved to by ‘exploring’ the D/s dynamic.

    We took the tools that were a fit and tossed the rest. We were headed in this direction organically and only needed a framework to understand what we were feeling.

    The scripting, following programs or dictates of some “guru” was not even on our radar. We wanted to just go deeper and experience more sexual freedom. The rest was and is of no interest to either of us.

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  2. Absolutely Beautiful. I have always said that I don’t kneel for Professor because he demands it. I kneel because he doesn’t. Sounds like that is what you have too. It is a choice you both made together, out of love, commitment and a desire to connect on a deeper level. I hope you continue to fly. xoxo

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