The Best Year

Words have never been easy for me and I never could find a way to tell you just how I felt about you. I looked at D/s as a way to express it for me. So thinking that I could now find words to describe just how amazing this last year has been is laughable. Truth is one writing cannot fully express everything I feel. I have reviewed my journal and blog posts from the last year and all of those combined are testament to the growth we have made. The amount I have written surprises me but I have been inspired. I read some of it and I cannot believe I wrote it. So this journey has brought words out of me. It is an ongoing expression that flows as it is felt. 

You bring me peace and I feel cherished. I see your need for me and that makes me feel important. When you agreed to be my Daddy it showed you accepted all of me. 

Thank you Daddy. I am so very lucky.


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