Best Laid Plans…

So the plan for the evening was to have a quick dinner with the kids and then lock ourselves in our room for the night. We planned to talk, I have two pages of notes 🙂 and of course some playtime.  

WELL…. The vehicle we have been nursing along hoping that it would last through the summer went caput on the side of the road. Most likely it’s done for and now we are back to stressing about getting another one. 

I immediately knew the plans for the evening would quite possibly be off. Handling my disappointment is very much a challenge. I knew if I was upset about this I could really upset him. I feared a repeat of a very bad anniversary we had when fixing the a/c in August was more important. Other things had happened in the day and I was emotional. 

I made it through though thanks to all I’ve learned in the last year and friends made. I had Whitey my purse stuffie that I took out and rubbed and hid under my shirt for a while. A friend and I did some wonder twins thing that I had to wikipedia and ask Daddy about last night. tee hee I also had some free time between work and meeting Daddy so I decided to try Tatiana’s $5 Fun Hunt. It really helped to get my mind off it.

So the evening consisted of him and his brother towing it out to his parents where I met him. After a quick romantic dinner at Wendy’s we ended up home well after his bedtime. It was late enough and the day had been quite taxing that I planned to go to bed with him. He did not know this but when he was ready for bed he informed me that once the door closed I would not be leaving. I think I melted. 😀 Snuggles, a quick fuck and falling asleep in his arms wasn’t the plan but it was perfect. 


14 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. “Plan evolving” is what my husband always says when He or we have plans to do something, and everything changes. It is quite wonderful when that happens and it all works out. Thank you for sharing your struggle and the lovely results. xoxo

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  2. Wow cool! Glad it helped! What did you find on your hunt?
    I’m sorry your plans were rearranged but I’m glad it worked out in the end. When you have two partners making your relationship a priority it makes all the difference in the world. Hugs and kiss bubbles 🌼💜🌼

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  3. I completely agree with Tatiana here. It’s the two partners making things work.
    Something that I’m having to explain to my lover, not because “we” need it, but because he still struggles to understand why my ex and I can’t simply sit down and finish this divorce business once and for all. For a divorce too, both parties need to be willing. :-/

    Glad your day ended better than mine, even if it didn’t start out too great.

    BTW, I’m not sure I said, but I had to go private. If you want to keep reading, you’ll have to go request a password, and my posts may not show in your reader otherwise.

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