It is enough 

“If you can’t see what you’re looking for see what’s there.”
“Our task is only to be rooted and patient.”

Stupid drama and I could tell Daddy was dismayed I was still letting it get to me. I told him that it really doesn’t matter because this is so much more to me. Deeper than superficial crap. He said “It is deeper. This is us. Who we are.” I melted.

“I am growing…. I am being carried toward the light…. I lack nothing….”

Quotes (except Daddy’s) from:


Ode to squashed caterpillar

I’m sorry
You looked cute and fuzzy 

People are cruel stomping on such beautiful creature 

Maybe they didn’t see you down there have faith in humanity 

I wish you well in caterpillar afterlife

Maybe it will better

Than being a butterfly 

Cutesy Couple in the Gluten Free Isle

We have decided to try cutting out gluten to see if that helps Daddy feel any better and tonight we went to check out the options. A lot of time was spent in that one isle looking at things and I realized after a bit that I had been hanging on him and kissing him probably more than normal in a grocery store. I told him we were soon going to hear “Someone please get the couple making out in the gluten free isle.”


I have tried to explain to others why I can be upset after a quick play session. I’m often told Well maybe he just wanted to satisfy his needs. I would be ok with that. I could fulfil that need but that is almost never his intent. He is happy when I get as much out of sex as him. He takes pleasure in pleasing me. So when I am not getting pleasure from sex he isn’t happy. I’m not upset because I didn’t get pleasure but that I failed in fulfilling his intent.

Deeper Pool

I need a deeper pool.

I see my submission as somewhat of a spiritual experience. I know that I have a lot left to learn and I am eager to grow in this. I seek out information that helps to further my knowledge of myself and my submission. I have been fortunate to make friends with some wonderful submissive and non-submissive women that have helped my journey greatly.

In the beginning I exhausted myself reading everything and discovering the “how-to’s” of how to do this. That calmed and I was floating for a while just reveling in the peacefulness that has become our D/s. Now I’m craving deeper materials and conversations about intimacy and submission. Hanging around the kiddie pool isn’t cutting it for me anymore. It’s just too shallow.