Little Day

It very much felt like a little day today. Lots of time with Daddy and he took me to the ZOO!!! We had three tagalongs and Daddy had his hands full trying to keep me from running off and making sure the slackers were keeping up. It is hard not to skip and run when you are off to see tigers and hippos and a stop to take pics of the giraffes for my friend Em.  He kept a hand on my shoulder to keep me from walking off into the water. Not that I’d do that but I maybe did run into a lady cause I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. DB got to go along but he had to stay in the car. I wouldn’t want them to think I was trying to smuggle a monkey into the Zoo. Look at that tiger belly – don’t you just want to rub it?

We also went to the hardware store and have you seen these pencils on a retractable cord?  So cool!


Has anyone seen that new Cookie Monster Siri commercial?  It is so cute!!


13 thoughts on “Little Day

  1. This sounds like someone is all excited and had a very good day!
    I looked at the tiger’s belly and thought… “Mmm, NO!” Sorry, their reactions are just too unpredictable 😉
    Happy to feel you happy!

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