Breaking Patterns

So, really, why do patterns persist?

Because it doesn’t have any other choice; it can only do what it does.

The pattern is not self-aware. It cannot turn around in consciousness and witness itself. It needs us to do that.

And as long as we are unconsciously identified with the pattern, we can’t witness it.

Un-observed patterns continue to generate thoughts, speech, actions and results that conform with the needs of the pattern. Not the needs of our life-as-a-whole.

The pattern cannot conceive of our life-as-a-whole. Its horizon of awareness is limited, focused on its own emotional needs and its job of protection.

So, as long as we don’t witness the patterns, its limited horizon of awareness will continue to run our lives—at least in certain areas.

Building our witnessing capacity is the key that opens the door of freedom.

Author: Eric Klein   


In choosing to submit I have forced myself to look at those patterns. I don’t want to react the way i always have. I have made that unacceptable. Fortunately it does not happen as much as in the beginning but when that Bitch awakens, and I can’t hold her down, I have to figure out why. I am determined to look at the reaction and figure out how to prevent it or at least how to manage it the next time it comes up. I have to recognize the pattern to break it. It’s not enough to say I can’t behave this way because it is not being a good submissive, if I want peace I need to answer the question why and “I don’t know” is simply not good enough.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Patterns

  1. This is the second eye-opening article I’ve read today. Patterns and letting go. The other forgiveness and letting go, which I’ll share in a while.
    They are closely related, I believe.
    I think we all have these patterns, these coping behaviors, that we cling to even though the time for needing them has passed. You are so right… saying I don’t know isn’t good enough, in pretty much any situation. My brain is spinning! I’m really glad you posted this. I have patterns (and I know the Bitch inside) and can relate.

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