Birth Control Blessing

bcToday I went in to get my IUD changed out. I have lost count over the years but this has to be at least my fifth one. Despite that I was quite nervous. Daddy said he would be there in spirit and gave me a pep talk via text. After I got situated on the table using that lovely piece of paper to cover what I could I decided I needed my purse stuffie. So I quickly jumped off the table wrapping myself in paper and grabbed Whitey. I stuck him in the pocket of my sweatshirt so I could hold him without the doctor seeing. The thing was swapped out and I was burning up on the verge of a pass out. A bottle of water and the nurse fanning me and I was good. It seriously wasn’t that bad I think my nerves get the best of me. I took the whole day off and I’m watching My Little Pony snug at home feeling a little crampy but relieved I’m done for another five years.

As I was getting undressed I had the passing thought Damn it sucks to be a woman. Very quickly I thought NOPE not true. I have so many options for birth control and the ability to control my own sex life. Something that just a very short time ago was difficult if not impossible. I find that a blessing for myself and my three daughters.

A few facts courtesy:

1873 The Comstock Act passed in the United States prohibiting advertisements, information, and distribution of birth control and allowing the postal service to confiscate birth control sold through the mail.

1916 Margaret Sanger opens first birth control clinic in the United States. The next year she was deemed guilty of maintaining a public nuisance and sentenced to jail for 30 days. Once released, she re-opened her clinic and continued to persevere through more arrests and prosecutions.

1965 The Supreme Court (in Griswold v. Connecticut) gave married couples the right to use birth control, ruling that it was protected in the Constitution as a right to privacy. However, millions of unmarried women in 26 states were still denied birth control.

1972 The Supreme Court (in Baird v. Eisenstadt) legalized birth control for all citizens of this country, irrespective of marital status.


5 thoughts on “Birth Control Blessing

  1. Yes, I remember when I was pregnant with my first, my mom gave me a book she’d had when *she* was pregnant. In it it stated that at the time, a doctor wasn’t allowed to even tell a woman how to try and prevent pregnancy. Not even withdrawal, or temperature checks. Ugh!
    So yes, we’re lucky that we’re in countries and in times where and when we can have control over our bodies. Though it’s not as easy as it seems in all parts of the USA. 😦

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  2. My oldest was conceived whilst on birth control pills and they made me crazy anyway, so we practiced pull out and pray for YEARs until my son was 4 months old and Sir got ‘fixed’. (Which has been the biggest blessing!) I’m thankful there are so many options now for my girls, though!
    I do that hot/near-faint, sometimes when I get my blood drawn, even! (says the girl with a lot of tattoos… but they don’t bother me… doot doo doo…) Glad you got all fixed up and got to do some relaxing!! =)

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  3. I love that birth control is legal and ready available (at least here in New York City). But it’s not for everyone. I first went on the pill at 23, after having gone a few months without a period (and without pregnancy), and remained on the pill for over a year, having been told I had an ovarian cyst and the pill would shrink it. I went on the pill again at 33 because I thought I needed birth control & my doctor didn’t even want to discuss other birth control methods with me (at 33, I was overweight & a smoker, so I didn’t think the pill was the best option for me) and ended up staying on the pill for two years (at which time I went into therapy, was diagnosed with depression & told that the pill is contraindicated for women with depression). I’ve been free from all forms of birth control for five years (I don’t want the pill ever again, I’ve heard horror stories of IUDs that “migrate”, and a diaphragm is impractical as it becomes useless if you lose or gain ten lbs). I also think it’s cruel to demand that a man “get fixed” just because I don’t want children.

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