My Precious Notes
Don’t feel as special
He doesn’t check to see if I’ve completed them


10 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Ah! Sorry. They still are special, because it means he thinks of you. And they’re special in so much that he trusts you to do it.
    I guess you need to make him aware that he needs to at least ask about them, see if you had time, or f the task was too daunting, why, and how he can help taking the fear away.

    That would be my advice, but I don’t know much about Dd/lg 🙂


  2. They are special still, I am sure! Sometimes, I get a little fussy that Sir doesn’t always check up on my tasks. When I bring it up, He always says He notices and that He doesn’t feel the need to check up on everything because He knows I will have done whatever was asked. (That doesn’t prevent me from getting fussy, His validation/pride feeds me – but usually the conversation makes me feel better/alters behavior) hugs.

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