I’m floating away or we are drifting apart.
You have the tools.
I try my best to tell you how to use them.
Please try to figure it out for me.
Am I not worth it?


4 thoughts on “Please

  1. Hugs. Huge Hugs!
    And yes, you are totally worth it.
    Maybe try to take a step back and realise that whatever you feel is happening isn’t because of things you did or didn’t do, but rather because of how HE is feeling at the moment, things that are going on in HIS head?
    I know this is what helps me when I wish to hear from The Dancer and I don’t. My mind automatically goes to “What did I do wrong? Will he walk away? Am I not worthy enough?”. It takes a lot of effort to put it back into “Maybe he needs to figure out a few things for himself” mode. Or “He is afraid that he’s falling for me”, or “his son broke an arm” or “there may have been an emergency he was called to” (as a firefighter, it does/could happen).
    Basically, it takes me consciously deciding it’s not about me and worrying about it isn’t helping me. But it’s hard.

    So yes again, you ARE worth it. But sometimes figuring out the best solution to a problem takes time. Try not to take it personally. 🙂



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