I’m Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested

ok i lied that never happened

I SWEAR this new IUD and it’s full dose of hormones is FUCKING with me. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without crying. There have been some logical reasons but mostly just over sensitive.

Daddy is a saint. He is. I mean I’ve said we have three daughters right? This man is surrounded by hormones. ย When the kids were little he went back to work after some vacation time and I asked how his day was and he said “It was great No One was crying.” lmao ย  He really is a good Daddy and takes it in stride.

POSITIVES – I think I should start keeping a positive list for the day.

The other day I was very happy that the GOOD ice machine was fixed at work. It’s the old one but it drops the ice in nice little squares. The new machine drops it in huge sections and you have to break the shit out of it to fit into a sports bottle. It can be fun getting the aggression out but it is also way too close to the bosses office.

I got to leave work early to take kid to ortho – yeay for crooked teeth.

I chatted with Rita tonight. ๐Ÿ˜€

Tomorrow is Friday and that means another Loving BDSM ย PODCAST!!! ย yeay!!



15 thoughts on “I’m Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested

  1. Talk to your gyn. There may be better options for you if this is having so many side effects!
    Don’t dismiss the symptoms, the whole point is that you get to live worryfree, not have to worry all the time because of how hormonal you are ๐Ÿ™‚


    • this is my third one of this kind i never thought i had problems before – now i’m not so sure. what if the whole improvement in our relationship was due to the fact the hormones were wearing off on the old one.


      • Ok, NO!
        The improvement in your relationship was because of the hard work you both put into it. It was because you tore down the walls, and let him see YOU, and because you started to have fewer expectations.
        Hormones may have played a role, but they are not the reason things improved. Don’t discount everything else you did.
        Now, still… go talk to your gyn. Maybe there are other options. Maybe he’ll suggest waiting one month to see if the hormone intake slows down as the uterus is less irrigated (it’s one of the advantages of the local hormone, it thins the lining, so hormone intake into the general circulation goes down as time goes by).
        But definitely talk to him/her.
        And hold on to those feelings of closeness and love you had just before it was put into place while the both of you decide what to do.


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      • ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I just don’t want the hormones to mess everything up but yesterday he said “Trust me to take care of you.” โค He has now seen the real me and he can help keep her here.

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