Growth – Examples

In January I picked my focus for the year – Growth.

I have seen a lot of growth lately and there were several examples this weekend.

We were talking and he said something that hurt my feelings to the point I started crying immediately. In the past he might have been exasperated and defensive but he sincerely apologized and did his best to comfort me as we were driving. Not only did I not hold a grudge as I would have before but I also took it for what it was. He was “joking” about my melt down over wanting more than a quickie. It hurts and confuses him and is something I must try harder at preventing.

When the kids unexpectedly left the house for a few hours he made the most of it with an impromptu play session. It has not always been easy for him to change gears and seize the moment. While I did not get to test my ability to follow through with it, initially I was determined to be ok if he did not take the opportunity while we had it. 

We hosted a graduation party at our house this weekend and we worked very well together. I tried to communicate what I needed instead of throwing a hissy fit that things weren’t getting done. I usually behave like my mother and bark and yell at everyone. At one point I went to him on my knees just to vent about the kid that was creating more work than help. I asked if I could send her out with the youngest just to alleviate my stress. I wanted him to know I was not blowing up at him but just wanting to vent. 

It was a great weekend. I think maybe this “empty nest” thing is just a mirage but I’m really hoping it comes true someday. 


9 thoughts on “Growth – Examples

  1. Wow Princess! So glad to read this 🙂
    I had a complete meltdown today with a kid of mine.
    We since apologised to each other and tried to clear the reasons for the meltdown and hopefully I get to behave more like an adult next time. I can’t be perfect all the time, can I 😉
    (seriously, I felt really bad about the way I lost it. I feel even worse now, replaying it in my head. Ugh!)
    So well, done on the growth, on not melting down and on being able to communicate your needs and feelings better. I obviously still have some growing to do 😉

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