This Is It

My sweet friend just asked “What would your ideal relationship dynamic look like?” Honestly this is it. Life has it’s sucky parts that get in the way but our relationship is as I had always hoped for.



Daddy’s coaching never seems to end. There’s A team and B team and summer league. Then they work in skills practice. Honestly, I have been quite frustrated in the past waiting for my turn. I thought that when our kids were no longer that age that he would quit. That did not happen.

This last year was different. The benefit of not having a kid playing was that I spent the time watching the coach. I watched these young girls look up to him. I watched him give them thumbs up, high fives, clap and yell good job while they were on the court. Today was the last summer game and one of the parents put a very moving post on facebook about the great influence he has been for her daughter. I’m proud and I realize just how important it is that I share him.

His Arm

Vibrator between my legs
Muscles tense
Can’t enjoy it
Fists clenched
I can’t see him
I can’t hear him
That is him isn’t it?
Relax and enjoy it
Where is he?
Why won’t he say anything?
I need to know it’s him.
“Yes babygirl”
“Please touch me”
He lays his arm across my chest
The weight is comforting
I hold it there
Calm sets in
The wand does it’s magic
“Daddy Please???”