Two Identities

I maintain two FB pages. One is the real me and the other is my other persona. The trouble is which is which? Truthfully they are both the real me. Both give glimpses of who I am. Both hide things about myself. The two blended together are the true me. 

The sub account allows me to follow things in the bdsm range. It allows me to like authors or groups that I wouldn’t want everyone to see. Sometimes I feel like who cares. Why can I not show the real me? One answer is Daddy. He has more to lose and people are judgmental. The other reason is I think there still is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. More in the terms of specific activities rather than just admitting to a power exchange relationship. If I want to like a page about lovers of anal sex does my mother need to be exposed to that? I rather think not. 

My dilemma comes when I want to share things I have on my private side with my public side. My private one is not only bdsm but things that have involved my own self discovery. That is a side I do not share with everyone so I’ve felt safer following off my regular feed. I am finding now that I want to share some of the great things I have found. Passively speaking up by sharing on FB. Revealing bits and pieces of who I am as I feel safer doing so. 


11 thoughts on “Two Identities

  1. I gave up a long time ago keeping things separate. Yes I know for sure that because of that I have lost friends. I know my mother especially thinks different of me because of my life choices. but I feel they lose out. They make that choice. I have to be happy with me. I have to be able to be me all the time and not worry about what group of people I am with. But I understand the inner fear and fight.

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  2. You are always refreshingly non-extremist. Worrying about what your Mom would think is as important as trying to be the person you honestly are. It’s really difficult to maintain the balance – I rarely can….


  3. We told a couple of people in our immediate family about our power exchange and due to whatever was going on in their lives at the time it seems they either do not remember or it isn’t as scandalous as I thought! ;). I do feel inclined to share more on our blog and we refrain because Sir also has a lot to lose.

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  4. I thibk everyone struggles with duplicity in one way or another. Yours just happens to be with your relationship. If you ever stop back by Post Glow, there is a post about being outed to my mom. Much more embarrassing than a telling than Facebook “like”. I’ll have to find it and share it with you.

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