On my way home from work I stopped at McD’s to get a quick snack. I had a very small lunch and was feeling ill and dinner would be late. Intending to just get a cheeseburger I saw Secret Life of Pets was the current toy. “One cheeseburger Happy Meal with apples and a juice box please!”  

That was the highlight of my day to that point as I sat in the parking lot with my new toy eating and sipping the juice box. 

I really wanted the pug but I got the shagy (tee hee shag-em) dog Duke.

Kid tried to steal my toy before she went out for the evening. I think not! Well when I got up this morning there was another happy meal box sitting on the counter. Copy cat!!! So I snuck in her room to see if she got the pug. She woke up and caught me. Nope no pug she asked they didn’t have any. 

I think a few more trips to the Mc is in store. Maybe tomorrow before we go see the movie. 😀


3 thoughts on “Copycat

  1. You will never, in a million and one years, believe what I am eating for lunch right now??!!! I got Maxi, I was hoping for the fat cat 😊 Great minds think alike!

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