Excuse Me Ma’am 

I have this fear of being questioned about my luggage. Yes that’s my green and purple luggage with all of the animals on it. Yes that’s my stuffie inside. No I’m not traveling with a child.


15 thoughts on “Excuse Me Ma’am 

  1. too funny…. i am a little nervous of flying because i am currently wearing three metals rings on Masters three treasured spots… will they go off at the metal dector in the airport….

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    • I have piercings on those “special” spots and didn’t have any troubles with TSA. I even wore my Eternity collar, bracelet and anklet through a metal detector and they didn’t say anything. And I also have a metal plate from when I broke a bone and have never had any problems. So don’t worry too much. 🙂

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      • lol I wore my anklet which is beaded and I forgot about it. I went through scan and the lady says “I am going to have to pat down your right leg.” I thought wow so specific. Then I realized I forgot to take it off.


      • dearest Beth Anybody … thank you for your kind words… I also have a plate and 9 screws in my ankle …

        mmm … such a shame ! I was looking forward to a full body search ..

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  2. Lol! Well… no one said you can’t lie to the guys at the airport! The stuffie is your grandchild’s, your niece’s, whoever you want it to be! 😉


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