Fix It

First day back at work went pretty damn well. It was a good day and I was full on ready to hate the day and everyone in it. It started off with the return of my morning notes. I missed my notes. 🙂  As soon as the boss arrived I was informed that he scheduled a software upgrade for half the company beginning in an hour. Seriously?! However, it went well and the few hiccups gave me something to do. I already have my next two vacations periods scheduled so that was already done.


Tonight as I snuggled with Daddy I said to him that I was a mess last night. He said he knew that (lol duh) and he said “You know there was nothing I could do right?” I honestly didn’t answer him. I was thinking that he could have. He went on and said that he had been struggling too. He was going back to work after being off just as long.

He is right though. Somehow in all of “this” I have been expecting him to be able to fix things. To stop my moods as they spiral out of control. Why do I think he can do what I cannot? He is being understanding as to why I am reacting the way I am. He is trying to comfort me and is not responding in defense with matched anger. The fact is he often cannot “fix it”. What he is there for is to stand by me while I work through it. He is not failing in his duty.



3 thoughts on “Fix It

  1. I discovered how valuable it is to have someone stand by me and cheer me on as I work through my problems. It’s nice to have someone who doesn’t feel he has to fix my life for me. I don’t need rescuing, I just need to be loved and supported, to have someone who believes I can succeed and that I will.
    I’m happy for you!


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