“I’m a LEO!” I said every time one of them used the abbreviation in chat. They meant law enforcement officer. One being a leo and the other a leo’s wife. Miss you both. That is not what this is about though.

Daddy and I are both Leo’s our birthdays being two days apart. I was reading about the sign and the compatibility of two leos together. I don’t agree with the desiring to be center of attention and loving lavash parties. Neither of us care for that really. Passion, loyalty and leading with the heart I do agree with. Also the need to be able to back down when needed. Two standing firm in the ground only leads to epic stand offs. 

We may be passionate but we are not screamers so the stand offs were silent. Silence kills my heart. We are also both so damn stubborn. I remember thinking Why the fuck do I have to give in?! Why do I have to make the first move?! I know it wasn’t me every time but at times it felt like it. I’m sure I just didn’t notice the times he made the effort. 

I gladly submit to you Daddy. I let you lead with honor and respect. I also know that if I need to speak up for something you will listen with the knowledge that I no longer challenge you just to be right. 


6 thoughts on “LEO

  1. Leo’s are AWESOME!!! I do agree, there are parts that don’t apply to me either. However the great part of a Leo/Leo paring is that your strength and submission are more easily appreciated…at least in my book.

    Happy Birthday!

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