Today I’m just pissed. What pisses me off is that people may have the wrong impression of me and that I did something that I didn’t do. It should not matter. I don’t know these people in person. I’m just pissed that I may be judged on wrong information. 

I would like two things known.

    I never gave information about our discussions to the other party. However, when confronted by the other party with quotes from those discussions in an open forum in front of many others, I was honest.
    I had no malicious intent to hurt or harm anyone or their business. 

Did I look behind the curtain? You bet your ass I did. If you give the appearance of being all powerful and all knowing I’m gonna look. Am I gonna call you publicly on your bull shit? Nope that isn’t me. Plus I know it will make no difference. I want to know for my own purpose. I want to know in my own mind it isn’t real. In talking with others I will say Do you believe this shit? Only if I get the impression first that they indeed don’t believe it either. 

Multiple sides here but in the end I was the only one in the group ousted. I really can’t wrap my brain around that other than to assume I was the intended target. I dared to look behind the curtain. I refuse to pretend the Oz is all powerful. I submit only for Daddy.

More than anything this whole journey is about Growth. I will push past it. I know I cannot control others perceptions of me. I can’t say I don’t care because that isn’t who I am. I don’t need a large circle or entourage. I’ve found a few good friends I can share this side of me with. Even if they all fell away Daddy is the ONE that matters.



31 thoughts on “Pissed

      • Then the worry stops RIGHT NOW! People are going to act the way they are going to act, T. Who cares?

        At almost 60, the one thing I can tell you for certain is that self-confident people don’t play petty gossip games; they don’t have to.

        That’s for those so fucking (you said stop censoring) insecure about who they know themselves to REALLY be that they need to project some shit on others to keep anyone for taking a closer look. Sometimes it’s just cause it’s necessary for them to keep the sycophants believing they are the shiz and not just another group of copyright violators.

        At the end of the day, what the fuck does it matter? You know who you are, what your principles are and what you would never do to anyone AND your true friends know that as well.

        So, as they say in the movies, “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!”

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      • Indeed! It’s LIFE; and STYLE is an ever-changing phenomenon that is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints.

        (I was actually referring to an article I read early on posted by bloggers and I KNEW I’d just read that somewhere before. And lo and behold, a quick Google search later and there it was – practically word for word – WIKIPEDIA. The trouble I had was that the blogger presented it as their own work without any credit to the actual source/author)

        That’s about the time I stopped researching BDSM outside of published works.

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      • I will admit I’m guilty at times. It’s because I believe everyone must be more worthy than me. I have to prove to myself that they aren’t. Admitting it to try to get beyond it.
        I like uncensored Rita. 😉

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      • You are not a malicious gossip; you are a sojourner like everyone else on this planet trying to understand more about your desires and needs; and that involves asking questions.

        Sometimes questions others don’t want to answer; but we both know the truth is that good leaders / teachers encourage questions of all kinds and will even encourage diverse opinions.

        ‘Cause that is where the GOLD be buried, matey!

        (And we both know that groups who avoid questions or diversity of opinion can quickly devolve into personality cults. Who that fuck wants a piece of that?)

        And as far as worthy? LITTLE Princess, you are MORE than worthy of love and respect and to have your LOVE JOURNEY taken to deeper levels by learning the things you seek.

        You ROCK!

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  1. I’ve not been in blog land much due to life and back to school etc. so I am not sure what happened. Hugs. We’ve been in a similar situation (I think). By outed I certainly hope you’re not referring to someone claiming to be in the lifestyle doing that because…well just no. Wishing you a drama free week to come! -belle

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  2. Ugh! Female bullying is less physical but just as awful as male’s.
    I’m assuming it’s females because it’s so petty, throwing someone from the group for asking the ‘wrong’ questions. I love Rita’s answers.
    You rock, you are just fine figuring this out with your Daddy, and certainly don’t need a group who doesn’t want you!

    As you said: what others think of you is none of your business. Just be the best ‘you’ you can be. And their loss in the end 🙂

    (But yes, I know it’s easier said than done, I keep feeling the need to justify myself way too often; but I’m getting there 🙂 ).

    Hugs and love!

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  3. gotta say – it is best away from these people… They do not seem like good people… and my darling – you are a good and wonderful and honourable girl… make no mistake – and you are worth everything – x x x

    its too funny — when i first read this – i though you were drunk. In england when we are cross we say ‘ pissed off’ and when we are drunk we are ‘pissed’…

    kisses dear one – you are a treasure and should be treated as such – not with kid gloves – but with honour and love –

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  4. I want nothing to do with people who pretend to be BDSM experts ( no such thing ) and use it as a tool for financial gain… And illusions of grandeur.

    I know of some like that… Most likely I am assuming the same people… Stay away.

    WWA would have totally told you “I told you so ” lol
    She’s always irritatingly right

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  5. “To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to care.” – Mandy Hale.

    You do care and it shows.I know what went down and how rudely you were dealt with. I agree with all of these wonderful ladies. You have a great group of friends here. I value your friendship and the wisdom you’ve gained from your journey. 💗💗💗

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