“What time are you supposed to be in bed?”

“10:30 Sir”

“That’s ten three…” drawing it out so I will finish it.

“Umm ten three zero. But do you mean it must be 10:30 exactly? I didn’t think you were strict about being exactly on time. I mean except for work I know. Do I have to be fifteen minutes early to bed?” 

“No” is all he gets out as he tries to jump into my rambling.

“What clock are we going by? Yours or mine? Because I don’t think either of them is accurate.” 

“No it does not need to be exact.”

“Ok because if it does then we need to synchronize the clocks.”

“I was trying to make a joke babygirl.” he is exasperated at this point.

“Oh ok Are you sure?”


Come on Daddy, I take being a good girl very seriously. 


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