He Asked

Last night as Daddy went to bed and we started our routine I could tell he was mad. He had been in a fine mood earlier so I had no idea what was wrong. We laid in silence for a while and then I sat up to look at him and he laid my head back down. Finally he said that he was fine and then he felt his entire left side just lock up and shooting pain from neck to toe. He was pissed because he had other plans for the evening. I just snuggled into him and didn’t say a word. We laid there for some time in silence and I was expecting him to dismiss me. When he finally spoke he asked if I could give him a massage. 

I know that was hard for him. It is not easy for him to ask me for things at times. Especially when he had to say he could not play but instead needed something from me. He is quite independent and where household tasks are easier to ask for, things that are personal or maybe in his mind “selfish” are not. The tasks that are for his pleasure or relief are the ones that bring me the most enjoyment and foster the intimate connection between us. 

It takes growth on both sides. 


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