Believing vs. Practicing

I posted here about my Daddy’s desire for me to go to church.

There hasn’t been any more discussion on the topic and I have not been attending. It is something that I think about occasionally. I struggle enough with the believing part. Even if I can come to terms with that I know it is not enough. Daddy believes you must practice by attending church. He would never tell you he is perfect but he is a regular and would like that for me as well. The thought of going every Sunday usually is enough to make me put it right out of my mind and think about something else. 

My idea of a higher being is more open. I don’t believe that any religion can be THE way. I imagine this higher being shaking his head and saying “I don’t care what you fucking call me. You are all talking about the same thing!” So I also don’t believe that he cares whether you go to a certain building on a certain day of the week in the presences of others. 

I don’t think he cares what songs you sing or if you sing at all. I don’t like singing in front of anyone. Not even as a group. I like concerts that are dark and loud so no one knows I’m singing along. No I don’t care for the contemporary services either.

I don’t think he needs certain rites and rituals carried out. I think of him allowing free spirit and free expression with just a few basic guidelines. 

Kinda like our D/s. Daddy doesn’t require much but has a few principles he would like me to live by. Even then the choice to obey is ultimately up to me. 


10 thoughts on “Believing vs. Practicing

  1. I remember that post well. I have gone off church – I loath the new priest . He does hold a beautiful service – we are very high church – not quite catholics – no guilt. But i refuse to listen to him preach.

    God is in my heart – He is with me every day. the stupid priest said that I had to attend church as it was the only place to be with God. what a twerp.

    I see God all around me working on the Thames in Putney every day – rain or shine –

    I try always to be good and kind – sometimes I don’t quite manage it … I have always apologises to God.. and now i also explain myself to Master.

    when I was a Sunday school teacher my little ones would ask how one spoken to God … it’s easy …I said.

    we talk to God all the time. anytime we have conversations in our heads … we are not just talking to ourselves but God is there … quietly listen, gently guiding x

    be well dear friend. you know the thing I miss about church the most … my friends. I am very much a hermit and I find open spaces and people difficult – but church, my friends and 25 years of my life are there and I have met some amazing people – like you lovely one x

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  2. Not necessarily. But you said Daddy has a few principles to live by. Much like any organized religion. God didn’t write rules about organized beliefs. Man created those. We each choose what to obey, sometimes in our own way, even if others don’t get it.

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