2/3 Gone

Kid two is now at college and one child remains. It’s weird. When they are all home and fiance and boyfriend are in tow it is seven of us. Last night just the three of us.

We were all out together Sunday as a going away day. We bowled, went to the park and out to dinner. At the bowling alley I got quarters for the vending machines for kid2 and I. I shared with the others but mainly it was for us. Kid2 is my little partner. We ran knocking each other out of the way trying to get to the squishy vending machine first. When my squishy appeared to be glow in the dark we both took off running toward the bathroom and locked ourselves in with the lights off to try it out.


Wednesday went too fast. We were delayed in arriving on campus and had only an hour and a half until we had to leave and she had to start orientation activities. She was stressed, I was stressed and there was a teary goodbye. Her Daddy boyfriend is in the same dorm so I hope that will ease her anxiety. My Daddy has been amazing. Stress caused us to fight in the past but not much anymore.

Yesterday morning she texted me to tell me where she hid my birthday present. PONY SOCKS!!!


Today I’m doing some decluttering and tossing out old vhs tapes. I have to be sure of what is on them first so I watch a little bit. One video came on to her at three months just babbling on and on. Maybe not a good project for today. lol


8 thoughts on “2/3 Gone

  1. Another hug from me. Making the transition to being mom to grown ups is a strange one. I miss my two so much and have to keep reminding myself that it is okay… This is the way it is supposed to be.

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