Timing and Little Feelings

Tonight when Daddy picked me up from work I could not wait to tell him all about my post from yesterday and the sweet things everyone said and that I am reviewing that book. I was so excited to share it with him. I read him some of it and blurbed it all out and he nodded and said congratulations. That was it. No real smile or excitement. It kinda crushed my feelings. I got quiet the rest of the drive we went on an errand and we didn’t really speak. We got to the game and he sat in front of me on the bleachers.

Problem is he did not mean it. My timing was bad and he had no intention of hurting my feelings. He just could not muster up an appropriate level of enthusiasm for this babygirl. He was still in a lot of pain from the night before and we have been managing all week on one vehicle and we were hit with the HUGE repair bill today. Expecting excitement out of him was completely unrealistic.

It does still take me a bit to work through this but “a bit” now is a fraction of what it was before. I did realize all of this and that what he needed more than anything was for me not to be upset. I leaned in and rubbed his back and he leaned back and said “not that side.” That’s the side the pain is on… jeez i forget so easily. So I rubbed the other side and whispered I love you Daddy.


2 thoughts on “Timing and Little Feelings

  1. I think you did a bang up job. I am much better now than I was for not allowing myself to ‘get hurt’. I do fail miserably however if we are in one of those ‘growth’ periods, but a work in progress is still a good thing. I was able to admit to my husband the other day that ” I can get hurt easily sometimes . This does not mean YOU hurt me, just that I have a tendency at times to feel hurt. There is a big difference”. Being able to see that is a great step forward in my opinion. LOL. ( Wait did I just give myself a compliment? Not my intent).

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