Inspiration in a Scale

Scrolling through my reader feed this morning I am hoping for some submissive inspiration. Alas I guess wildwestangel can’t post every night. 😝

I am always looking for a deeper meaning or a new way of looking at things and I wonder if I will run out of material and new things to contemplate. I suppose broadening my search beyond just submission to more of a personal growth has helped but I keep coming back to the submission as the core.

I get bored or antsy and I long for something and I don’t know what. I worry that I’m losing interest but I know that it is not losing interest in him. Then I remember someone saying Throw yourself further in your submission. So I bought him a scale. Lmao We have been without a bathroom scale for more than a year and recently the man has been “hinting” he wants one. So it’s ordered and ready for pickup at the store. If he will drive me there he will have it tonight. It will make me happy to give it to him.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration in a Scale

  1. sometimes angel face … sometimes I get stuck … but then I think … sometimes I get so caught up in the … ‘official rules’ … and forget Master and His own rule of no prescription.

    then I remember … it’s the little things that come from my heart that He requires…

    be gentle with yourself – forget the preconceived so called rules … look deep into your heart … find your own Most precious desires …. and love the scales x

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  2. Before I brought Dd to my husband ( which we came at this from first) I made up a questionnaire for him. Initially I told him I got it from a magazine online ( I confessed later). The questions varied greatly, from what type of underwear he prefers on me, to rooms he hates if they are unkept, favourite meals, hairstyles on me…things that make him feel appreciated etc… For YEARS, yes years, I referred to this list as whenever I looked to him for dominance when in need and it wasn’t always there. I would then help myself by doing the answers. Even to this day, if I am feeling like I am slipping from where I want to be I will dust it off, so to speak

    Managing ttwd in real life isn’t easy. Feeding your submissive core is even more difficult if you feel your needs are not met ( and I don’t mean that as a criticism to your partner. It happens, people grow at different rates). I often contemplate if it IS submission, if it isn’t required or am I fooling myself. Those days aren’t much fun! lol

    So what has kept me going all this time, or when times are ‘lean’ in the dominance department? Self actualization. I now know who I am. What makes up all my parts, and makes me tick. The day I came to KNOW submission was in my bones ( or my version of it anyway) and put a voice to it in my own head/heart, the feeling came on stronger, and lasted longer and longer despite where my husband’s head was at the time. Does that mean I don’t fall flat on my face? HELL NO! LOL. BUT, things are different now when it happens.

    Good luck embracing all that works for you.


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    • Very creative! When I ask him those questions I don’t usually get straight answers. In this he is realizing how much he keeps from me and how it is kinda unfair to me. He is doing much better. 🙂
      That Is this really D/s goes through my mind all the time and even today writing this. It doesn’t matter tough. I know what I am. I have realized that but there are times I do struggle.
      thank you for sharing ☺


      • Well ‘doing much better’ is growth and progress. I know it took and is taking my husband a very long time to understand, not only me but himself. I think for the first year he loved the changes but left a great deal of it to me and my own devices. The second year he started to see differences in himself but wouldn’t allow himself to embrace some of those parts of himself. Basically I believe, he clung to the notion that ttwd was for ME, it benefited US but it was mine. Year 3, which to be honest was the toughest to date, he began to realize that HE had a need too. It may have been me who introduced this, but it has become something he enjoys and needs (though not the same way). For him, and others I have talked to, letting go of the fact that this was something they just did for their partners, and accepting they have grown into this need was a difficult pill to swallow. In addition, I was able to organically grow into my realization that I was submissive, at least a little bit, before he or anyone started looking at me that way. He was dragged out into the spotlight, and then grew. Not an easy thing I’d imagine. My long winded point? There may or may not be something deeper going on within your Dom then is on the surface. Sometimes asking questions that don’t require a yes or no answer, like ‘do you think….” helps tremendously with their own growth, even if they don’t provide an answer to you.

        As for ” is this really D/s” I think there is a great misconception out there. I think many ( myself included ONCE upon a time) think we start a D/s relationship and he should have control in all areas, or agreed on areas, and that is it. I mean they are in control right? They are our unfaltering rock. Only it doesn’t work that way. IF only it did. There is a LOT of give and take not only at the beginning but the beginning of newer growth times. We subs stumble, feel lost, float away…sadly they do too, but the belief is they shouldn’t. Not necessarily with us, but often THEY believe it. It took my husband a long time to rationalize that being a husband is not a different role than being my Dom ( in our life anyway). He can turn to me if he is upset, it doesn’t make him less than a Dom…but that is an entirely different post. Just curious if you and yours have had similar conversations?

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      • Just wanna say I am loving your responses!
        I can see some change with him. I believe that once you are used to getting the respect and cooperation it is hard to tolerate when it does not happen. There is also confidence gained when he makes decisions and I do not question or complain about them. There is growth in many areas it will just take much more time than I had hoped in the beginning. I am learning patience and I know that slower changes tend to stick better. I do not think he really reflects on this or his own needs much at all. I do try to have conversations but they don’t often go anywhere. Though maybe he does ponder things I have brought up.

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