Chapter 1 – Sex

How to Add Kinky Sex and a Daddy/babygirl Relationship to your Existing Relationship Past the Age of 40

Chapter 1 Sex
(chapters 2-25 may also be about sex)

The discovery of kinky sex has been the jumpstart to your sex drive that you have been hoping for for years. You are excited and you want to try everything and now! 

At first he has no clue what happened but he is eager to just go with it. Sex is nightly and you have a record streak going. You have experimented with things you’ve never done before and amassed a toy collection worthy of it’s own storage. Your sex life is on fire!

At some point though that fire starts to fade. You had the first night of nothing in a long while and you were freaked out that you might be losing this sexual revival. You settled down and came to terms with the fact that every night might be a bit unrealistic. Then one night off became two or maybe even three nights off (GASP!!) and suddenly your wailing that your sex life is over. Dramatic? Yes of course but you can’t see that because you’re in it.

You are willing, wanting, desiring for more More MORE, afterall you haven’t yet tried EVERYTHING out there, but his desire seems to have cooled. What is wrong? He’s a man and men always want sex so it can’t be him. It must be you.

Sex does not measure how much he loves or desires you. Sex does NOT measure how much he loves or desires you.

There could be a number of reasons why he isn’t wanting to hit it every night. Possibly the suckiest one is he just wants to watch sports. I mean WTF?!?!

You might want to blame some physical condition for his seeming lack of desire and by all means if you really think it’s an issue then discuss it and get a blood test. However, he may not have any issues with ED or low testosterone. It may just be that his drive is not as high as yours. It can feel like a cruel joke that just as yours is peaking his has decreased. It is not a reflection on his love or desire for you. 

It is also possible that there are other health issues that interfere with his desire. He may have no issue with arousal but would rather forgo the added physical pain that sex brings. Step back and look – while not engaging every night is he still meeting your needs within a reasonable expectation? Then once again Sex does NOT measure how much he loves or desires you.

As a woman after 40 you get to start having those yearly mammograms. You start wondering if some things are perimenopause symptoms. The doctor brings up the future and when you will start testing to see if birth control is even necessary anymore. These coupled with his seeming decreased interest can cause a woman to feel like her body and sexuality is fading at a rapid pace. Things that aren’t true but hit like a storm that confuses your emotions.

Sex does NOT measure how much he loves or desires you.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Sex

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  2. I soooo agree!
    At 64 I’m still a bit of a pervert, but get tired faster and have my aches and pain. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my lady, if this overly sexed man does not feel like it. 🙂
    BUT, if my lady is really HORNY I will find a way to help 😉
    She just has to communicate! ❤

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  3. I am 46 and have been married to the same man for 20 years. We gave 2 children together and are for the most part compatible. He has always been able to make me laugh uncontrollably. We’re still in love and he still gets my juices going. For the past 4 months I have been reading erotic literature and exploring D/s websites which have greatly peaked my curiosity and revved my desire for sex, which has laid dormant for several years until nowvby the way. I crave sex nightly to the point where I think I may be driving my husband away. One lusty evening he mentioned that I should see a doctor as there may be something wrong with me. I am tired of initiating sex and worried that I may cheat. We live in a college town and lately the early 20s crowd has got my attention. They don’t seem to mind a woman twice their age and probably have a lot of stamina from what I remember when I was in college in the early 1990s. My husband is 1 year younger than myself and does not seem nearly as interested in sex as he used to. He mainly watches Youtube videos about dogs and reads car magazines. I don’t think he’s cheating I just don’t think his sex drive is what it used to be. Well for what it’s worth toraprincess your post resonated with me. I’m in the same boat. I hope my husband gets a clue as I’m not one to seek out something on the side but I can’t imagine living with these pent up feelings for much longer.

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    • I dont want to give a false impression. We do have sex a few times a week. He tries to make sure my needs are met while still within reason for him. I would love for it to be more frequent but I know that he loves me.

      When I started reading about these things it was like a fire was lit and burning out of control. Many of my expectations were unrealistic and not fair to him. I was caught up in a frenzy state. It took some time before I felt like I was coming out of it.

      I would suggest having a discussion with him where you are open and vulnerable and tell him of your desire to have a better intimate life with him. Give him a chance and really look at your expectations. I would hate for you to wake up one day and regret losing a good marriage over lusty desires.

      I wish you all the best. 🙂

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