What AM I Doing?


I think that is what I’m doing. I hope that is what I am doing. Sometimes I do not know what I am doing.


11 thoughts on “What AM I Doing?

  1. may I mirror that … today He said that He might have a window at noon. i replied that I would leave the shop at 11 and prepare for His arrival if I did not hear from Him otherwise… I left at 11 and by noon, I was showered, oiled and ready. my room was His room. nothing… then a message that He had taken a nap.

    you know that I would never change Him… but just sometimes …. I know He needs me to be patient and I know He needs me to be me so He can find the Man and Master inside… but … I’m sad lovely one … and it’s such a beautiful hot day today and I don’t want to be sad … but I am x

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  2. I don’t think you are trying to change him. You are trying to support him and help you both to grow as a couple. You are too hard on yourself I think. Sometimes we can weather disappointment better than others. That doesn’t make us bad it makes us human. When we are strong we can be more resourceful and patient etc. but sometimes we are more vulnerable. You will find your strength with him I think princess.

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      • I think maybe it is because we are learning. We are trying to grow and develop and it helps to look at others to do that. But it has to work for you. I found a picture of two people where she has her hands around his neck and is holding a sign in a heart shape that says ‘I love my daddy.’ I think that is what you have but I couldn’t post a picture because you’re the IT whizz not me. Also I think that your past experience where you have been told that you aren’t this or that and that what you have needs to be different etc has left your confidence knocked. In the short time that I have been on here I have seen people from different dynamics sharing and supporting, not judging and criticising. Listen to those who care and try not to hear those old voices. Sir has just posted on his blog about feeling the pressure to be something he was not too and how he almost lost site of what was important.

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  3. I think it can be hard to see the good that we do because we are so close to it all. I agree with Missy, “You are trying to support him and help you both grow as a couple.” I don’t know the effect you are having on your husband (I’m betting it’s a good one), but I can see how hard you are trying, how much you desire to nurture him to becoming his best self as you are striving to become your best self for both of you. You are more amazing than you realize. (If you are like me you will think “No, I’m not,” but you are, you really truly are, so don’t argue 😛)

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