Fuck Hacking Go Deep – Wineland

Stay longer than you want to. Deal with your childhood programming getting triggered that tells you “fuck this” I can do better on my own. Only then will the teaching wind its way into your nervous system so that you automatically respond in a way that inspires others and allows you to Be a certain way, rather than simply act a certain way.

This made me think of the start of my submissive journey. I had to turn off all the bullshit programming that got in the way of what I truly wanted.

If you want your life to unfold as a work of art that expresses the boundless expanse of your consciousness, of who you truly are as a man, Fuck Hacking, Go Deep!

Balls Deep!  No seriously well yes really but …  There are no shortcuts to deep intimacy. You must pay the price in time and vulnerability.



Sharing Bites

Today starts basketball season. Four nights a week a group of little girls get to spend as much if not more time with him than I get in the evening. 
Sharing Daddy sucks.

Coloring Parties


I love coloring parties.  We each take turns picking out a coloring page that we will all color. It may take a couple days or more than a week before we are all ready to reveal our pictures. When we do there are lots of compliments and stickers shared. It is not a competition though! We thought of getting the Daddies to judge but how could they be impartial?  Even worse what if someones Daddy didn’t vote for them?!  That little would have hurt feelings. So no competition just sharing.

I have picture #3 ready – hurry up everybody!!!

Widening the Path

I no longer search to validate my submission, his dominance, or “this”. I am content to grow in the direction this evolves. 

I am always eager for a spark of knowledge that intrigues me and heightens my awareness of self. However, those gems seem illusive or perhaps I need to broaden my search. I don’t believe they all lie in the realm of D/s or BDSM. 

Sacred Sexuality is a Portal to the Divine and All Knowledge.

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach


Our inherent sexuality is sacred and a manifestation of our divinity. To explore it is to discover the portal through which Shakti and Shiva flow, it is the most ecstatic expression of creativity, it is the river of the original impulse which brought the Universe into being.

To know it is to understand all things. It can be experienced through our fingertips, our mouth, our skin.
Because of this, sexuality has been taboo, relegated to procreation, for marriage only, unclean, commercialized, stripped of its light.

Yet, we are waking up to its magic, little by little lifting the shameful blanket, and realizing that sexuality is the core of Love Incarnate.

The greatest mysteries are available to us through touch. And we are as a species profoundly touch deprived.
Ecstacy is the tantric gateway to peace. I believe so. Namaste my loves.

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