Not an Epiphany but a Simple Reminder

We spent the weekend “camping” with the three kids, fiance, and boyfriend. I say “camping” because most would think a tent and roughing it and it it was far from that. It’s a full size house in a state park. Heat, a/c, toilets, showers, full kitchen not roughing it by any means. The one horrible aspect was no wifi for those on a network where the data didn’t particularly reach.

It was nice to get away and just be together without anywhere to be or household chores to do. We had all our kids in one spot and enjoyed the company.

Finding inappropriate songs to play is a popular pastime. Last year we accidentally played Elle King’s My Neck My Back on the outdoor speakers in a rv park.

This year with only the wildlife to offend Daddy and I knocked it out of the park with Storm Large’s song 8 Miles Wide.

The kids had never heard it but you can bet your ass they are still singing it.

I had hoped to spend a lot of time reading and possibly meditating outdoors. I had this expectation of having some grand epiphany or mental clarification while we were there. Yeah that didn’t happen. I did wander off into the woods alone for a bit. I started taking photos and I just kept walking. I sat for a while and enjoyed the sounds of nature. Eventually Daddy came and found me. As I type it hits me maybe that is it. He will always come get me. Not really an epiphany, as he has always been my protector, but a simple reminder.


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