“You want me to always be comfortable. Don’t you?” – me

“Yes. It’s very important to me.”  – Daddy



All By Myself 

I was so emotional all day yesterday from watching the coverage of the Tennessee fires. I’ve only been twice but a place that I love and is close to my heart. The emotions of those that feared for their lives and lost everything was just too much to take. 

Last night was our usual yoga night and we had missed the last three weeks and I knew Daddy was too busy to go last night. I knew that I really needed it though. So I asked if I could go by myself. Of course he said yes. 

It was the first time I’ve been alone. As I walked in I said to myself I can do this. I can do this. The instructor for this class splits his time between here where he grew up and California and yoga trips around the world. Daddy and I both really like him however we do not like the fact that he has a crowd following. When he is in town Tuesday nights are packed. Some of the fangirls are a little ridiculous. Lol  

Last night was the most people I have seen them pack in the studio. I’m not sure what the class cut off is but I’m puretty sure they should have cut it off earlier. After the third time of being instructed to scooch closer together I nearly left. It was not the calming atmosphere I was hoping for. 

I am glad I stayed though. I enjoy is teaching style and his calming voice. I was giggling to myself when I made the connection as to how much I enjoyed the instruction and that listening and following gets me out of my head and is such a comfort to me. (duh) It takes some concentration on my part just to figure out which is my right and left at times. Lmao No holding hands though, not sure the lady next to me would have appreciated it.

At the beginning of the class he talked about the season of giving and abundance and how we are so rich in this country. So today I made a small contribution to an organization helping out in TN. It’s not much but a small representation of my thoughts and love for those suffering and assisting.

Send Rain

The Smokys could use a lot of rain. No wind no lightning just rain.  Douse the flames and spare the land, the buildings and the poor scared wildlife.

I’ve such wonderful memories of that park.

Hell Week

This last week has been STRESSFUL!  Last Saturday started with the sewer backup.

The dishwasher broke so I tore it apart. Well I couldn’t get the part off (dude made it look easy in the youtube video) so Daddy helped. Works now. 🙂

We had an already scheduled carpet cleaning which required moving E V E R Y T H I N G, and then carpets still too wet when we got back home.

The college kids were home during all of this which may or may not have been a blessing.

Between the sewer and the carpets most of the household items have been moved more than once this week.

Parts of the basement had to be cleaned twice as the drain guy had to make a return trip with a larger machine later in the week.

Chemicals put down the pipes had to sit for four hours. So no water could be run – the night before Thanksgiving when I needed to make four desserts. Pies were baked late into the night.

Thanksgiving rounds ended stressful when the stepmother further proved that her children were priority. My father did nothing. Fuck them. He can spend all his time with the family he “chose.” The stabbing words from his father of the bride speech at her daughter’s wedding.

Today was the bridal shower for kid1. Kid2 & 3 being the best ladies meant I did the majority of the party planning and stressing.

Overall we didn’t do too bad. Last Saturday he was very good at calming me down. Later in the week we were somewhat short with each other. I am sure he felt I wasn’t appreciating the fact his connections were getting this sewer thing done as a favor.  I was feeling he wasn’t taking into account how stressed out I was over the planning of the shower. We did keep thanking each other and never let it get too out of control. Today he sweetly drove out to the party venue with stuff we left behind after already turning around once.

I’m really hoping that the college kids head back early tomorrow and we can just veg out. I’d like to color next to his chair while he watches tv. Just destress a little bit and not think that it’s six weeks to the wedding and oh yeah I have to put on Christmas somewhere in there too.

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 

Today  I’m thankful for Daddy and morning sex, having all the kids and s.o.’s in the house this morning, and the soon to be married couple cooking everyone breakfast.  THIS is everything to me.

I’m thankful for all of you that help along the journey. 💕💕💕


One would think that when you were kicked from the kingdom they would think to remove you from the mailing list. Nope  

Seeing that name in my inbox first thing this morning was sure a trigger. I looked at the email and then vented to others. Another person said they were unable to unsubscribe from the newsletter and that the email link didn’t even work. I being the problem solver decided to check it out. I went through the unsubscribe process (we will see if it sticks). I then clicked the link. Of course worked for me. Ugh  

I read it. (Ducks as wwa throws something at me.) It really is such drivel. I do not know how I got sucked in to begin with. Horny I think I was just horny. Lmao Mystical shaman told me this was the way to more hot sex.  

I said Whatevs and closed that browser. I am so very happy with what we have. It is real and us and AWESOME.