It’s a feeling that builds. I get anxious and unsettled as I begin craving. At times I crave for more than sweet and gentle. I need to feel a demanding sexual energy. A brief surge of your power and control to satiate the need.

A spanking or flogging that stings. Something rough. Push me, command me, use me. Order me to service you. Growl at me. I need to feel your desire and commandment. Make me beg and plead. Make me come for you. Have me do all the work while you pull my hair and tell me “Again babygirl”. Help me satisfy this hunger.

*I patiently lay this at your feet Daddy to let you know it is building inside. 


5 thoughts on “Craving

    • thanks 🙂 It came on a really crappy day for him though. Of course I email that to him and within the hour the teacher emails about the kid not turning in another assignment. The rest of the day was awful for him so it was a pile on. 😦


      • 😦 It’s always a pile on. But… the kid not handing in homework is the kid’s problem, isn’t it? (I mean, I say this and I know it’s not quite true, as a parent you feel like helping them figure out that it is important. But still… kid’s problem!).


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