“Daddy Please don’t be mad at me.” I said as I lay on top of him. “Why would I be mad at you?” “Because I just need to cry” and with that I was in tears.  He held me. I cried and told him I loved him and that he made me very happy. Tears aside I wanted that known. Those tears didn’t even last five minutes and I felt so much better afterward.

I had been on edge all weekend. I had read something that had me feeling down and he hadn’t felt good most of the weekend. I spent most of the two days in wedding planning mode with the kid and even when Daddy and I had time to play it was good but just off. Just that short cry relieved a lot of tension. Most importantly I thought to tell him first that I just needed to cry. I wanted him to know it was nothing he had done.

This week was particularly stressful for him and I really feed off his mood. If Daddy is down or distant I sink too. A brief misunderstanding earlier this week was resolved very quickly and tonight’s communication was handled well. Overall I am so proud of how we are coping.


7 thoughts on “Coping

  1. Oh, I know all too well how sometimes, all we need is simply to feel like we are safe to cry a little, and then we feel better. It keeps happening lately (yes, life’s been a bit hard :/)
    But knowing I have his arms to hold me while I let it out, without being judged for doing it, without being told I am weak, or too girly, to man up or whatever other non-sense… yes, it feels good.
    Sorry the times are stressful for you too.
    Sending love

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  2. I would like to cry more often, I think. But there is rarely the opportunity for an alone cry, and hubs wouldn’t understand the need in his presence. It is a very cathartic release of emotions.


  3. Good job for communicating! When I get overwhelmingly tired that can be the hardest time to communicate but I don’t want him to worry, I just need to be held and soothed. If your Daddy is like my Sir he appreciated the warning and the sweet words of love. Hugs.

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