Two of my daughters and I went to hear George Takei speak at a college lecture series tonight. I hoped he would provide some hope to this dismal week and he did not disappoint.

He spoke about living in the Japanese prison camp. This country’s treatment of it’s own citizens is abhorrent. I wept. How could we do this? I feel the same about this election. How can we elect this man? Then he said this.

When I was just a boy, I asked my father how it was that this nation, founded on principles of equality and freedom, could have turned on its own citizens and put us into camps. He told me something I’ll never forget. “Ours is a people’s democracy. It can be as great as the people in it, or as fallible.”  – George Takei

Our democracy is only as good at the people involved. So we must keep on. As he said there have been many steps backward but also great progress has been made. We must continue to fight and be allies for one another.

Though I hate spending an evening away from Daddy it was positive and I am glad I went.


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