One would think that when you were kicked from the kingdom they would think to remove you from the mailing list. Nope  

Seeing that name in my inbox first thing this morning was sure a trigger. I looked at the email and then vented to others. Another person said they were unable to unsubscribe from the newsletter and that the email link didn’t even work. I being the problem solver decided to check it out. I went through the unsubscribe process (we will see if it sticks). I then clicked the link. Of course worked for me. Ugh  

I read it. (Ducks as wwa throws something at me.) It really is such drivel. I do not know how I got sucked in to begin with. Horny I think I was just horny. Lmao Mystical shaman told me this was the way to more hot sex.  

I said Whatevs and closed that browser. I am so very happy with what we have. It is real and us and AWESOME.


49 thoughts on “Unsubscribe 

  1. Hmm, I wonder if it was the same email that shocked me in my inbox this morning. Though in my case I wasn’t kicked out of this kingdom I ran screaming for the hills!

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  2. I’m so glad I left. They really showed their true colors when you were banned.

    We have our own little support group, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear there are other small bands of former members finding better ways to do TTWD.

    You are such a rebel bear poker, P. 😄

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  3. So funny to find so many of us. I had my title removed and then my membership was cancelled and my IP address blocked. All for the best now of course but it was a real kick in the teeth at the time. All I did was start my blog.

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  4. Let me just say this post and the comments are the best thing I’ve read in a while. Of course we’ve chatted about my experience with the site that shall not be named. I am a little shocked there are so many. They do go to extreme measures to keep people drinking their Kool-aid! 😂-belle

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    • Drinking their Kool-aid…LMAO. I was hoping my gf would comment here too. She was booted as was her husband from the OTHER site because they talked about their struggles in chat. A woman was struggling and my gf told her about how they had a similar experience. My gf was chastised and said she should have taken it ‘private’. That they like to keep their chats positive. WTH? People STRUGGLE in this dynamic! Discussing these struggles in open chat makes us not feel alone or like a failure. It can also offer hope and support that ‘you’ can make it through to the other side. They should rename it StepfordSubs.

      Oh I didn’t mention publicly here but apparently I was a prostitute. I ‘solicited’ another woman because I offered her my email address in case she wanted to read how we struggled at the start on my blog.

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      • That is what want others to see. It’s real life not a fantasy. Everyone struggles and for different reasons. There are people willing to talk about that and not just about how long their sexual escapades last. Reach out and ask for help and if you are laughed at go somewhere else and ask again. I know that hard after being ridiculed or dismissed but dammit if it’s important enough you will.

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      • I was a moderator for a very short while. We were told not to give advice but to direct people to pertinent blog posts so guidance was only coming from once source. I only like having my hands tie by my Sir. I felt the more opinions shared (with civility and kindness) the better. And I hated that we couldn’t share resources like books and other websites.

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      • ” We were told not to give advice but to direct people to pertinent blog posts so guidance was only coming from once source” Seriously? Guess they don’t believe in the term ttwd (this thing WE do). Unless of course they interpreted the ‘we’ to mean THEM!

        We have been at ttwd for over 4 years ( longer I believe than the ‘expert’ over on the site that shall not be named) and our dynamic has morphed, changed, grown, whatever adjective you would like to use, so many times.( and OH how we have struggled because of it) How on EARTH could ‘guidance’ from only ONE source be helpful in the least? Personally ‘training’ my husband like one of Pavlov’s Dog with a BJ after every time he did something I liked, seems a little misguided.:P Meh to each his own.


  5. That is so true. And this has been like a little bit of therapy. It is good to feel like I was right after all and to be surrounded by such a strong group of women who are independent thinkers, open to the opinions of others. They are the people who can really offer support when you need it. Maybe our brand is real D/s lol. R-D/s tm

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  6. I thought his site was ran differently, even better that her site. His site draws you in, he is articulate, responding to forum posts and always has a cautious attitude. Her site on the other hand, she is mostly MIA.


  7. I wish I didn’t have to leave for work in a few. I was one that was booted as well as my husband from the “other” site. I was booted for discussing a struggle with someone (they asked the ? if anyone had experienced _____) I had experienced that particular struggle before with my husband. and was just letting them know about it & what we did. I by No means said You MUST do or do not do etc. As everyone that is “real” knows there is not a manual nor one way to live this lifestyle. My husband did enjoy the “other” site, and what he shared with me seemed a bit more real and informative. He was blocked the same time I was, he was actually just letting them know how I was being treated and what he thought about it. He was never insulting nor rude in his discussion. He said he thinks he is “unblocked” now, I am not sure if he is or not. I will have to check to see if I am, but at the same time I do not want to, because I don’t need the site and I certainly do not need the aggravation that it would cause me if I heard someone say You must do or Must not do etc. I did feel and stated in a discussion a few weeks before I was booted… That some of the advice seemed to be manipulating the husband to get what you wanted. I said for me, I need him to want this for us as much as I do, I don’t want him living this lifestye just for me and my self gratification.. I have to go to work UGH, it was nice reading these comments, and Tora great for you growing in your relationship without the influence of some that seem like they know the only One way (their way) to do things, what a CROCK! Have a wonderful day all!

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    • I never understood the restrictions on talking honestly. It also seemed to fluctuate what was allowed because there were times people talked openly of their struggles. Of course I did and ended up feeling attacked.

      Support groups are supposed to be able to lend assistance which is what I like to do. Seemed to me the purpose was really just an arena to show off.

      I’m curious if we were there at the same time. I’ll email you. 🙂


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