Sometimes I think I’m the only one that struggles with jealousy and comparing. I know it’s crazy and silly. I am TRULY happy with our relationship right now. I am and I just keep having to turn and look back at us to appreciate that. 

I love and I know I’m loved but like seeing another dog with a bone I’m envious. I don’t want THAT bone I just want to be boned like that. Lmao I crack myself up! Yes I’m immature. Obviously. 

I love and appreciate all he does give me and I don’t ever want him to feel I don’t. I’m fantasizing about a world where we just get to lay around naked all the time. I can’t help it I desire him. 

I try to be conscious about what I’m feeling and able to handle at the moment. Sometime I have to pass by some posts that I know will trigger me. Sometimes I don’t do well at doing that. 

It isn’t as much of a struggle as it used to be and maybe I am expecting too much that it will just go away and I will never deal with it again. I suppose that isn’t likely to happen or maybe it will if I just give it…. Patience. 😉


28 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. You aren’t the only one. We compare relationships, bodies, experiences and think “why can’t mine be like that?” Sir ordered me to stop reading the Fifty Shades trilogy because he found me crying one afternoon, I was jealous of Anna’s amazing orgasms.

    I think we need to learn to be happy with what we have right now. That doesn’t mean we stop trying to improve and make things better, it means we stop making ourselves miserable over what we don’t have. And, yeah, that takes patience. 😛

    I love your immaturity, it makes me laugh. And I want more naked sexy cuddle time too. *sigh* 💗

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  2. Maybe it isn’t jealously, but envy? Semantics? Perhaps but it sounds less ugly. I think it is human to feel that way, and honest to admit it. That being said, there is someone out there reading your words and is envious. I guarantee it!

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    • Yes I think so. I’ve looked up the difference before but I’m not clear on the definition.
      I suppose there must be as I do consider myself very lucky.

      We have many great experiences and just because I haven’t had one in the last day (or 5 minutes) doesn’t mean I’m lacking. It just takes conscious thought on my part and I would like to get rid of the envious response I frequently have.


  3. Gah! I struggle too.. Not for any particular reason within our relationship, but boy am I bad about comparing myself and my body to others. Quietly.. But still, that’s probably worse that I am jealous on the inside where Daddy doesn’t see it. You are amazing! Patience is truly key, and you have already come so far just by writing this!!!! 💋

    P.s. Immaturity!? Hehehe how about “Delightfully Youthful” 😊

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      • It’s funny (in a sick way) because I realise that I am still comparing myself to others, but more often than not am not necessarily finding *myself* wanting. I’m actually thinking I’m really not that bad, and sometimes even feel like I’m ‘better’ in one way or another than the woman I was comparing myself to.
        I’ll admit I hate the feeling of finding me better than someone just as much as I love loving myself enough that I can also see good things about me, finally.
        Who said we’re easy creatures? 😉

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      • Yes, that’s it. So I try to celebrate that part, while making sure I don’t go too far 🙂
        And to be honest, it doesn’t happen so often, I just noticed it twice maybe in the last couple of days, it may never have happened before, so I’m just noticing a new pattern, of not always comparing myself and finding me wanting. It’s more *that* than finding *them* wanting. It’s being able to see what is ‘better’ within me, without feeling the need to pull them down. So I guess I’ll accept it as long as it stays at that level 😉

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  4. Sweet princess, you got a warm heart holding you tight in a cold-ass world! No reason to be jealous of anything online. If people fucked half as much as they wrote about it nobody would be online.

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  5. Oh yes, jealousy -and its close cousin envy and resentment. I know them well and strive to subdue them whenever their presence is felt. I have several recent posts where I write about dealing with them. They have a way of crossing paths with all of us.

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  6. Oh, and not to shamelessly plug my blog, but my post 88. Something True shares my latest run in with jealously. So know we all deal with it at times and perhaps some of the insight I share can be helpful. Thank you for sharing your run in with it.


  7. Ah! I so get you on the wanting to stay laying and naked with him all the time. Why do we have to wear clothes? Why do we have to work, eat, go out? 😉

    I know that, for me too, The Dancer is the one having to remind me that it is a good thing to be apart sometimes, I guess it gives him a chance to breathe, and recuperate (I guess I can be quite demanding 😉 ).


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