Speaking Up or Protecting 

I have real facebook and kinky facebook profiles. On my kinky side I’m following a local “sex shop” that just opened in the area. They have put out a gofundme plea to help keep the business running. Their main mission is to educate and be a safe haven for all individuals regardless of their gender/sexual lifestyles, situations what have you. All inclusive. Despite the size of our area it is the only shop that I have seen advertising classes in rope, poly, anything honestly. I don’t know what the chances are that I will ever go to one but I’m really happy they are offering these things. Self defense was another class they were offering because sadly it’s needed for everyone but more so to those that don’t fit into the “norms”. 

ANYWAY my point in this is that I felt I wanted to share this with my regular side of facebook but I don’t think I can. I think there would be a high chance of jeopardizing Daddy’s position as a coach and leader within the church organization. It SHOULDN’T but it would. 

Part of me is really torn on what to do. I have some facebook friends that might jump on it and share it. I don’t know if I feel comfortable messaging them privately and saying that I can’t spread it. I could talk to Daddy and see how he feels but I’m afraid he would give me permission. I’m afraid in these cases he would go against what would be best for him in order to support me. He never wants to stifle my freedom but I don’t want him to suffer for that.

For now I emailed the links to my daughter and asked if she thought she could share it. She has friends in organizations at school that could spread the word. 

This is a struggle being unafraid to be the real me but also making sure that others don’t pay the consequences.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Up or Protecting 

  1. Wow!! Totally understand that problem! I’m not the least bit ashamed of who I am. However, it could cost me my job if judgmental and ignorant people found out and decided to get stupidly vocal. We have some local events we have considered attending, but I just can’t take the risk. I am proud but won’t sacrifice my family’s stability, so for now, the uneducated will win.

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