Do You Think I’m Sexy

“Do you think I’m sexy?”
“Yes I think you are sexy.” In an almost annoyed tone.
“Even though I’m not elegant and sophisticated?”
“And who would you be comparing yourself to?” Damn busted.
“Do you find my squirrel obsession sexy?”
“No but the fact you have one is.”   

There is a lot to ponder there.


7 thoughts on “Do You Think I’m Sexy

  1. Of course he thinks you are sexy, he loves you! I am so far from elegant and sophisticated, I wobble in heels. But I know how to wiggle my butt and shake my boobs at Daddy to get his attention. And the fact that we love each other lots makes us both super sexy. (I don’t think anybody else would think so, but no body else counts.)

    I picked him up from the airport recently at about midnight. I needed to use the toilet before the hour drive home so we stopped at a fast food restaurant. I was dressed up (I always like to dress up when he comes home from trips) and he was in a t-shirt and jeans. As we were getting back in the car he said “I wonder if any of them thought I had hired a prostitute for the night?” (because we were dressed so differently). It made me laugh really hard.

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  2. Ha! Love the ‘damn, busted’!

    I had not *that* conversation, but a different one, where he told me he found my belly is beautiful and sensual. Considering it’s one of the parts I am most self conscious about, it felt good to hear. For what it’s worth, it came about because I was telling him this is all I could see in some pictures, my tummy.

    I guess it feels good to know that I’m not being compared to anyone either…

    So much I have to write! Sigh!

    But so glad for you your Daddy loves the whole you and makes you feel loved.

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