Innocent Appearance 

I get to hear all about the co-workers dating and ex-wife drama. WAY too much drama. The stories get old but it does make me appreciate what I have all the more.

Before I left for vacation he told me a story about a major fight he and the new girlfriend got into. He was vague about what led up to it and I just figured it was mundane details I didn’t need nor want. Well I found out yesterday from another co-worker what had led up to the fight. Basically this woman has told him that she and a previous partner would swing. Well the night of the fight they ended up at the Hustler club. He did not want to go but did not speak up for himself. There she made comments that another couple was flirting with them and she really wanted to make out with the woman. Again he wasn’t comfortable but didn’t speak that. The co-worker went to the restroom and came back to find his date making out with the man of the other couple. That he was definitely not ok with and I’m not sure if he protested then but they did end up back at his house and in a huge fight. This guy is very nice and tries way too hard but he so needs to realize this relationship will never work.

What I found funny was the fact that he did not want to tell me these details but felt comfortable telling another female co-worker. I mean if he is going to make me listen to this drama at least give me the good shit!

Obviously I have this sweet and innocent appearance totally nailed. 😉


12 thoughts on “Innocent Appearance 

  1. I, being who I am, can’t help but comment on the swinging. Of course, you are right. Swinging only works if there is open and honest communication. Sounds like she isn’t much in tune with his desires, unable to pick up on his cues. And he is unable to state what he is fine or uncomfortable with.
    Worst of all, neither seems able to communicate this peacefully and respectfully. How could this ever work?
    Respect and appreciation of who the other is is vital in any relationship but even more so when you are trying to open it up.

    As for the other stuff… I find it cute that you think he thinks you’re an innocent angel. I mean, we’ve all read your posts, including the hotter ones! 😜
    Maybe he’s worried you’ll want to try it and he knows he’s not ready to go down that route? 😉

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