Role Play

Tonight we finally played out a fantasy I’ve had. Daddy was my lotion boy. 😀

I was complaining about how much I itched tonight. At one point I said “Slather me”. He lifted my shirt, spit on me and then rubbed it in.  ewww!!!  I then tried to rub it on his pillow but he grabbed my blankie and put it on me first.  Hmmpfff

When it was time for him to go to bed he came in with the lotion and asked if it was the right one. YES My fantasy is coming true!  I laid on my side of the bed and holding it way above me he started to squeeze it out of the tube. Lot’s of giggling ensued so he continued on. I laughed as it dripped on to me and he proceeded to rub it in. Every time he added more he dripped it from above and I laughed. He insisted it wasn’t that funny but he continued to do it.  FYI (fwiii) giggles encourage Daddies. 😉


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