Ice Ice Baby


We are getting an ice storm in the city has shut itself down. My note from Daddy this morning said to “please stay home.” I had intended on working from home anyway but the boss actually closed!  So I laid in bed, flipped thru tumblr and watched some porn. Daddy also gave permission to play so I took full advantage of having nowhere to be.

The only thing that finally got me out of bed was the sudden thought I needed to get the dog out before the ice arrived. No such luck. I had to stand on the deck and convince him to pee on the side of the house. lol

Daddy came home early from work yesterday sick and spent the entire day and night sleeping so of course he went to work today. He sent me a text saying all the competition was closed but yet no sign of his boss. I told him he should make an executive decision and I also commented that he can probably see from his window that the interstate was closed. Then I got in the shower and realized just how bad that sounded.  So as soon as I got out of my shower I sent him another text and apologized. I did not mean to sound like I was telling him what to do. I may not see it in the moment but the hindsight is coming much quicker.

So today is fuzzy PJs all day. The only decision is panties or no panties.


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