If you Love him

This is such a great article. It is longer. I have only shared the last section.

If you Love him, Don’t Destroy Him.   by Elyane Youssef

Love him right, for through that love he will learn how to love himself. How you look at him impacts how he sees himself.

Stay independent and strong. Be the woman he fell in love with, because this is how he wants you. Make him laugh the same way you did on those first couple of dates. Don’t make him feel like you’re losing yourself in the process of loving him.

Don’t blame him and don’t use words as weapons. Instead, communicate with him and be as open with him as you are with your journal. Don’t make him guess what you’re feeling or going through. Don’t shower him with, “I’m fine,” while you keep your inner-most emotions to yourself.

He wants you to speak up and hold him accountable when he is wrong. He wants you to be assertive and point the finger when it’s warranted, but also to be brave enough to turn it on yourself when you’re at fault. This is how you earn each other’s respect.

And once you earn his respect, and his heart, you’ll have a partner, a lover, and a friend for life.


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