random past bedtime ramble

it’s an hour past my bedtime and i cannot make myself go.  I feel lost. job is a disaster but i dont think that i would be happier elsewhere. this country is a mess. i don’t understand. surely even the supporters have to be going “umm wait a minute” by now? he and i and this is routine. it feels like it is back sliding. my joy is meh. my love and devotion for him is not in question. he is my everything. and yet he can’t be so…

yet somehow i know the answer is balance and to turn deeper into my quest

i’m going to bed



16 thoughts on “random past bedtime ramble

  1. Hugs to you, tora. Everything seems to be all topsy turvy right now. For us sensitive types, all of the emotions around us can be draining and throw us off our center. I hope you got some rest.

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  2. It is truly and f’d up world right now. Very much understand your frustrations. Then I read your next couple of posts and felt happy for you getting back in balance. It is all we have in the end.
    Keep caring


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