The Wedding 

It’s been three weeks since the wedding and I really haven’t wrote about it. Just last night I asked Daddy a question about that night. His answer summed up how I felt too. Overall pride and joy over the family we have created and continues to expand. 

The bride was as cool as a cucumber. It really surprised me that it was I who was a total nervous mess that day and not her. I was overwhelmed with too many people while getting ready. I threw a total hissy when they were telling us it was time to walk down the aisle and I had not gotten a moment alone with her. Then I told her I had the car keys and the two of us could run away together. Lmao She was just so chill. 

Daddy and I walked her down the aisle together. Son-in-law was supposed to shake Daddy’s hand and instead gave Daddy a huge hug. 

The other two girls both served as maids of honor. The older got up early and made sure everyone had breakfast. She served as chauffeur to the wedding party during pictures and transported her younger sister and the wedding gifts home so we could spend the night at the hotel. The younger ran errands for the bride and helped get guests out on the dance floor. 

Normally it takes a few drinks to get me out on the dance floor for more than a slow song. Not that night. I am pretty certain I got some strange looks and many thought I was drunk. Nope I can grind with my girls stone cold sober. Daddy was watching me and I couldn’t care what anyone thought. After his mother stole the last slow dance Daddy came out for the last few fast songs. Our kids are good sports. Lol

The Father Daughter dance was beautiful. My daughters could not have a better example. 

Our song came on and I pulled him to the dance floor. I could not get out there fast enough. Drift off to Dream became our song when he played it for me after a couple of dates. He has sung it to me so many times in so many different places. All of those times flashed through my mind as I sang it to him as loud as I could over the speakers. Tears streamed down both our faces as we sang to each other. Getting this moment at our daughters wedding was emotionally overwhelming. I was so thankful for what we had created. Blessed to still be with him to enjoy it together. Just so fucking lucky. 

Last night I finally asked Daddy why he was crying during that song. He said he was overwhelmed with thoughts about our past and love for the son-in-law and pride for our family. 

Thank you Daddy for all you have given me.


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