Overactive Muse

I may have gotten my muse back recently. I try to write on one topic and ideas pour out but it’s more an overwhelming tidal wave than a nice flow.

One journal page has remnants of at least a few individual topics. I have to leave it because I can’t flesh it out. I come back often trying to finish at least one. Sometimes a totally different post will present itself in its entirety first.

I don’t normally write. I can write about him. My love ❤️ 


2 thoughts on “Overactive Muse

  1. I have similar days and my own list of ideas and partially fleshed out topics. Maybe we need to feed our muses something less hyper-making than marshmallows (hyper, hyper, hyper, c r a s h, lol). I love your writing – long, short, serious, playful – it’s a joy to read.

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