We Need Squirrel Peace

Today we discovered that one of our squirrels has no ears. Leroy is missing both ears and the top of his head is mangled. I assume he could have been born like that but more likely he was involved in a fight. Usually it’s part of a tail that is missing like Serious (named by Daddy because he can’t tell any tales). 🙄  We had Stumpy a few years ago. Not sure where he went. I’m sure he is fine. He probably just moved. Squirrels don’t just die. Unless they are unfortunately squashed by a car. Then we do a quick cross for them. I’m not sure if they are Christian but they probably appreciate just the few words said on their behalf.  Any way I do my best to promote peace between the squirrels. When one is being unfairly picked on I go outside and yell at them. I think they get the point. I also encourage them to make love not war. I still need that damn #squirrelporn.


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