Name that movie

Name the movie this quote is from.

I took a shortcut
through Hawkins Park,…        
and it was as if
I’d never taken a walk           
by myself before.
And when I thought about it,…            
I realized that I had probably
never had taken a walk alone.                 
But because he had given me
the permission to do this…
because he’d insisted I do it,
I felt held by him as I walked along.
I felt he was with me.


Did you guess Secretary?  We watched it again the other day and this part had me teary eyed. That is what it feels like when he gives an instruction or I have one of his notes with me.  It is like having him with me.

As for the rest of the movie he was really quite an ass. I wouldn’t stand for someone so nit picky and berating.


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