What about your commitment to me?  When you let them quilt you into something you don’t want to do and you told me a year ago you wouldn’t … where does that put me?  When you tell me there is no time to put your health first and yet you can’t say no to another commitment… where am I?

What do I do when I am so mad and let down at the only person that matters to me?

Close down drift away

*edited to add

I feel a little better after a nap. lol   Still mad but not all end of the world scenario. I will speak my piece on this or I won’t have peace.  It may not change things but then again guilt *not quilt worked for them so who says it won’t work for me. 😉




15 thoughts on “LAST

  1. I have had these tough conversations and I have framed them as leadership models. If this is not how he would want me to care for myself for him, then he has to lead by example. No bitching involved, it effective for getting my point across. It took a year to get out from under some of that commitment, but he remembered.


  2. While I don’t know the circumstances (obviously…lol), I know this VERY WELL:
    “What do I do when I am so mad and let down at the only person that matters to me?

    Close down drift away”

    Self preservation mode-that isn’t. One it isn’t self preservation, and two you actually didn’t shut down as you shared- at least with us. What does seem to happen though is ‘you’ shut off part of yourself and in these types of relationships that is not acceptable to oneself. It hurts more than it helps doesn’t it?

    Best of luck saying your piece and feeling better about it after!


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      • I don’t know if you shut off your submissive side. I was more referring to ‘you’ as an in general I suppose- in these types of situations. I know for myself the lines start to blu, when I feel trust has been broken within my inner circle. I mean the lines blur within the circle. If I am upset with my husband, I tend to see similar actions in others during that time. I often say I can’t multi-emotionalize ( it’s a word because I say so! lol) so I shut off. I shut off those lifelines that exist within the blurred lines. Yes sometimes that means blogging too.

        Once I feel better in one area, things tend to improve in the other. I think it will forever be a learning process for all of us, especially when it comes to ourselves- how we perceive things for example, giving voice to that, and processing intention vs unintentional hurt. URGH…Let’s just say, regardless sometimes the struggle SUCKS!

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