There is to This

About a week or so ago we were out somewhere and I don’t remember where or what the situation was but I was being a little bratty and he said to me “Do you want to be sleeping on the floor tonight?” I think my mouth dropped open as that really caught me off guard. For one he does not do punishments and two that sounded really harsh. Lol

So as I was surprised I also doubted that he would do such a thing. However, I did not push him. I didn’t test him as that isn’t my way. I stopped whatever it was that I was doing and just at least for the moment trusted that he would carry it out if I continued.

We have had discussions over punishment and consequences many times and he repeatedly states that it is not something he wants to do. So when he says something like that I assume he is teasing and being playful. Afterwards I usually fret over whether or not he meant it. Whether or not he’s “there” yet. This time I wondered if I have the right to question him, to wonder if he will actually carry it out. Yes. I think I have the right to but do I want to?

I do not want to. I want to stop worrying about his ability to lead and just trust him and submit. Because I think “there” is a lot like “this” in that it is constantly evolving and not a set destination.


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